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The lure of St. Croix's sun-drenched beaches is virtually impossible to resist; St. Croix beaches have been ranked among the most beautiful in the world. Picture this, crescent moons of sugar-white sand rimming secluded coves, lush tropical scenery and crystal-clear aquamarine waters... that about sums up what you'll find on this island paradise.

Effective April 1, 2020. Act 8185, amends title 27, chapter 9 of the Virgin Islands Code adds section 305h providing for a ban on the retail sale or offer for sale, and the distribution or importation for retail purposes of topical sunscreen products containing Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. These ingredients are harmful to humans and can negatively affect corals, aquatic and marine life. Please do not use any sunscreens containing these two chemicals while in the ocean! There are safe alternatives.

St. Croix Beach

East of Christiansted at the hotel. Three beaches on the property. Non-guest fee $4 for use of the beach and changing facilities. Towels for hotel guests only. Watersports, snorkeling, beach bar.

Turtle Beach, Buck Island, St. Croix

Buck Island - Turtle Beach
Located on Buck Island, it was declared a national Monument by President Kennedy. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Caribbean. You can access this beach by on one of the many charter sail boats that visit the island each day. Also visit the island's under-water snorkeling trail! Click the picture for a larger image.

Cane Bay Beach, St. Croix

Cane Bay Beach
Northwest coast on Route 80. Beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear water with spectacular views, shade, snorkeling and world class diving on the reefs and walls close to shore. Cane Bay Dive center, Leatherback Landing@cane bay, Spratnet Beach Bar, The Waves Hotel restaurant,  and Off the Wall Beach Bar & Grill are just steps away. Villa Dawn is a 3 minute walk from this beach. Click on the picture for a larger view.

We call it...Caribbean Dream Beach
This is a beautiful and secluded St. Croix beach on the East end of the island There are no facilities but there are no people either!

East End, St. Croix BeachUSVI BeachUS Virgin Islands Beach, St. Croix

Chenay Bay Beach, St. Croix

Chenay Bay Beach
East of Christiansted on Route 82. Restaurant and bar at Chenay Bay Beach Resort; sandy beach, hammocks, beach chair and kayak rentals.

Coakley Bay Beach, St. Croix

Coakley Bay Beach
Located on the East end of St. Croix, on the north shore,  is this beautiful, long and mostly deserted strip of sand. There are areas in the water with a lot of sea grass so you'll see it on the beach as well. There are areas with sandy bottom which is great for taking a dip. Most of the time you won't see anyone on the beach except for the weekends when locals will come to spend the day.
Colony Cove Beach
Artificial tire reef near shore, full natural reef with excellent snorkeling. Check with front desk for admission to beach.

Columbus Landing Beach
The historic site of the 1493 landing of the fleet of Columbus on Salt River, St. Croix. Access by road to the left of the marina. Public land. Minimal facilities.

Cormorant Beach, St. Croix

Pelican Cove Beach
West of Christiansted. Fine palm-fringed, sandy beaches, restaurant and bar; also snorkeling, water-sports center. Watch for undertow in rough seas.
St. Croix Reef Cramer Park
Beautiful and sandy public beach near the end of Route 82. Recently renovated changing rooms; bathrooms. Just a ten minute drive from Caribbean Dream. Click on the picture for more pictures of Cramer Park and beach.
Sandy beach at Gentle Winds, St. Croix Gentle Winds Beach
Located on the North Shore at the Gentle Winds Condominium Resort. Beautiful white sand beach. Access to the beach from the resort is limited to residents and guests. Our beachfront condo, Caribbean Breeze, is located here. Click on the picture for a larger image.
Grapetre Beach, St. Croix Grapetree Bay
On the south eastern shore of St. Croix. Click on the picture for a larger image.
Ha Penny (Hey Penny, Half Penny)
This beach has many different names but it is still a very nice St. Croix beach. Beautiful stretch of white sand with generally calm water. Be sure to bring sunscreen for this beach. There is very little shade, but it is long and sandy. Good for walking, sunning, and swimming. There is some sea grass in spots. Overall this is a very relaxing picturesque spot. Off of South Shore Road Machineel Bay Southshore, Take a turn at the pink pillars down a dirt road.
Hibiscus Beach Hibiscus Beach
West of Christiansted. Palm-fringed sandy beach, snorkeling. Watch out for undertow in rough seas. Restaurant and bar.
Isaac's Bay Beach Isaac's Bay
This east-end beach is more easily reached with a four-wheel-drive vehicle.  You'll find secluded sands for sunbathing, calm waters for swimming, and a barrier reef for snorkeling. You can also get here via footpaths from Jack's Bay. It is a hike but it's worth the effort.
Jack's Bay, St. Croix Jack's Bay
Located on the East end of the island, Jack's Bay is also remote but well worth the effort to get there.
Protestant Cay Beach, St. Croix, USVI

Protestant Cay
Across from Christiansted by water taxi (approx. $3 charge). Beautiful beach with nice view of Christiansted harbor. Full water-sports facility including parasailing, wave-runners, wind surfers, snorkeling. Restaurant and bar.

Rainbow Beach, St. Croix, USVI Rainbow Beach Club
About 1 mile north of Frederiksted; spectacular sandy beach. Restaurant and bar with live music. Click on the picture enlarge it.
Reef Beach, St. Croix Reef Beach
East end of the island at Teague Bay on Route 82. Duggan's Reef restaurant and bar.  Click on the picture of reef beach for more.
Sandy Point, St. Croix Sandy Point
Spectacular, secluded beach in southwest corner of St. Croix. Was established primarily to protect the March-June nesting grounds of endangered leatherback turtles.  It also happens to be one of the longest stretches of white sandy beach in the Caribbean - spanning over 2 miles. Open weekends, No facilities. Click photo for a larger image.
Shoy Beach, St. Croix Shoy Beach
East of Christiansted. Turn right at gate to the Buccaneer Hotel; after checking with guard, proceed to parking at the end of the road. Path to fine sandy beach. No facilities. This is one of our favorites!  Click on the picture for a larger view.
South East, St. Croix Beaches St. Croix's Southeast Coast
There are many spectacular shorelines on St. Croix. The water is so aquamarine that it doesn't look real! Click on the picture for a larger view.
Sprat Hall
North of Frederiksted on Route 63. One mile of beach. Beach use fee $2. Beach chair rental. Beach restaurant and bar.
Sugar Beach, St. Croix Sugar Beach
A beautiful powder white sand beach. I guess that's how it got it's name! There is a lot of sea grass in the water, however, so the beach is better for lying out than swimming. Click picture see a larger image.
West End Beaches, St. Croix West End Beaches
There are many secluded and beautiful beaches tucked away on the west end of St. Croix.
Click on the picture for more West End beaches.
Just as you do in the US, do not leave your valuables unattended on any beach!

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