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The St. Croix Half Ironman Triathlon is held at one of the most famous venues in the sport.  The race annually features the finest array of professional athletes in the world, who challenge not only each other, but one of the most notorious climb the sport has to offer:  THE BEAST.  St. Croix is pleased to host an event where potential Ironman competitors can qualify early in the season, and not have to go the full Ironman distance in order to do so.

The 1.24 mile swim in the beautiful, crystal clear Caribbean Sea remains the same distance as in previous years, and retains the spectacular beach start from the small island in Christiansted Harbor, which houses the Hotel on the Cay. The new Half Ironman bike is even more scenic with the addition of a spectacular loop around the east end of St. Croix.

St. Croix Triathlon

The course follows the coastline on both the North and South shores, and offers breath-taking vistas throughout the event. The lengthened run course has been significantly altered by eliminating all of the difficult hill climbs.

Triathlon on St. Croix has always meant more than just racing, as athletes can again count on supportive spectators, the annual Jump Up street fair and the friendliest organization in the sport.


The Ironman 70.3 Course

Tyr SWIM  - 2km (1.24 miles)

     The race starts by swimming directly toward the transition area for 150 meters, before turning left and following the same large triangular course as before.  It's a loop through Christiansted Harbour with a  finish at the wharf area.  The course will be marked by small orange and white buoys on your right and sailboarders on your left.  Competitors shall exit the water by a specially built ramp at the finish line. 
The swim begins on the beach at the Hotel on the Cay.  All athletes must swim to the Start Area.  Allow yourself enough time before the swim start to cross over to the starting area.  All competitors should be in the starting area by 6:00 am.   Spectators will not be allowed onto the island.
     You will be started in waves.  Listen for instructions from the announcer concerning the start of the race.  You will be disqualified if you start in the wrong wave.  You must wear the swim cap supplied by the organizers.  You will be starting in a running start.
     Use Caution at the start of the race.  If you are experiencing problems at any point in the swim, stop.  Lift your swim cap and wave it - there will be sailboarders stationed every 100 meters.  If you drop out of the swim, please report to the officials' table as soon as possible.

Please Note: Chrsitiansted Harbor is a working channel. During race week it is unsafe to swim there except during the organized training swims.

BIKE COURSE - 90km (56 miles) - Map

     Important:  Although every effort will be taken to limit the number official vehicles on the course, there still will be a number of official and non-official vehicles on the course.  You are required to stay in the left lane at all times.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
 From the transition area you are going to make an 8-mile loop that begins as you ride east on Hospital Street, which turns into East End Road (Rt. 82).   Ride out on East End Road until you get to Southgate Road.  Turn right and ride south until you reach Great Pond (Rt. 624).  You will be riding in the RIGHT LANE of Rt. 624 for .75 or a mile. Turn right and ride west until Lowry Hill Road. .
     Turn right at Lowry Hill Rd. (Rt. 62), which will take you back onto East End Road where you will make a hard left onto the left-hand side of the road.  Exercise caution here, as oncoming bike traffic is heading out in the right-hand lane to begin the loop.
     Take East End Road back through Christiansted past the transition area and turn left on King Street.  At Strand Lane, take a very sharp right turn - this will put you on a very tight bit of roadway, so be very careful - go one block and take a sharp left turn onto Strand Street.  This is the "Hot Corner".  Be extremely careful on this part of the course.  It is a very fast, slightly downhill section on a narrow roadway.
     Turn right at Prince Street and left at Watergut, which turns into Soboetker Lane.  Follow Soboetker Lane and turn right onto Rt. 75, which becomes Northside Road, until you come to Northshore Road (Rt. 80), You're going to to take a sharp, downhill right turn onto Northshore Road (stay left) and follow it until you come to Rt. 69 (Parasol Hill). Turn left and proceed up "The Beast".
     Twenty-one miles into the bike, The Beast is a 600-foot climb in a stretch of highway 7/10 of a mile long with an average grade of 14 percent and a maximum grade of 18 percent.  You should prepare yourself for this challenge by following the suggested gearing:  Pros - 24 or higher. Accomplished - 26 or higher. Average cyclists - 26 or higher with a 39 or 42 chainring.
     The descent from the Beast features a twisty section of road, with a sharp left hand turn at the bottom - BE CAREFUL.
     Turn left at Midland Road. 
Turn right on Rt. 669. Continue straight across at Rt. 70 intersection (make sure to come to a complete stop during training). Turn right after last speed bump. Turn left onto Rt. 66 (Melvin Evens Highway).  Follow the highway past the Sunny Isle Shopping Center (which will be on your left). 
     Continue traveling eastbound on Rt. 62. Take a right turn on Rt. 624. DURING THE RACE YOU WILL BE RIDING IN THE RIGHT LANE FOR .75 OF A MILE. Turn right on Rt. 60, where you will return to the left lane. At the entrance to Cramers Park, turn left on Rt. 82. Turn left at Southgate Rd., and right onto Rt. 624, where YOU WILL BE RIDING IN THE RIGHT LAND FOR .75 MILE. Turn right on Rt. 62, where you will again climb Lowry Hill. Turn left towards Christiansted. You must stay in the coned lane on extreme left side of the road.
     Returning to the Transition Area, you will dismount approximately 50 meters before the entrance, where CYCLISTS MUST GIVE RIGHT OF WAY TO RUNNERS. Bikes must be walked into the transition area.

RUN - 21km (13.1 miles) - Map

 After exiting the transition area you will run up a grassy bank, and turn right onto a parking lot road which intersects Hospital Street.  Turn left, at Hospital Street, which turns into East End Road (Rt. 82).  The Bike and Run will share Hospital Street and East End Road from the transition area area until Lowry Hill Road (Rt. 62).  Use caution in this area. Keep left.
     Take East End Road until you reach the Buccaneer Hotel where the course will turn left onto a 2 mile loop through the hotel grounds.  The loop exits back onto East End Road where you will return to Christiansted and make a first loop turnaround on Hospital Street and head out again to the Buccaneer. Make the same loop through the Buccaneer and return to Christiansted. When finishing the second loop turn left on Company Street, right at Prince Street, and final right turn down King Street.


Start/Finish - There will be four aid stations in the start/finish area - swim finish; run out; and overall finish.  Athletes should fill water bottles before departing for the start area at the Hotel on the Cay.
Bike Course - There will be 4 aid stations along the bike course - miles 11, 21, 31, and 43.   The Sprint course has no bike aid stations.
Run Course - Run aid stations will be located approximately every 6/10 of a mile along the 21km (13.1mile) course.  This holds true for the Sprint as well.

The following will be served at the Aid Stations:
    -Bike - Water, Gatorade, GU (at mile 43), Bananas (at mile 30)
    -Run - Water, Gatorade, Cola, GU, Bananas & Oranges, Pretzels, Sponges

A Sag Vehicle will trail the field and transport athletes back to the transition area.  The race organization will not be responsible for providing aid to athletes who choose to remain on the course once the cut-off time has elapsed.

CUTOFF TIMES (Subject to change)

In order insure the safety of the participants, and to minimize the disturbance to the traffic patterns of the island, the following cutoff times will be enforced. Please remember that a race of this distance, in a tropical climate, can be dangerous to those who overextend themselves. Therefore, if you are asked to retire, it is for your benefit.


     1 hour from start of athlete's wave


     5 hours from start of wave


     6.5 hours from start of wave

(2017 Race Schedule will be posted as soon as it's released)


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